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- Lighning Protection system Early streamer Emission system

Standard : NFC 17.102

- Lightning Protection system
- Warning system
- Surge Protection system
- Grounding system
- Maintenance Lightning Protection ESE/ Radio Active
- Maintenance Fire Alarm System
- Fire Alarm System
- จัดเก็บหัวล่อฟ้าที่มีสารกัมตภาพรังสี กับกรมปรมณูเพื่อสันติ

Our major applications are high buildings, Factories, Golf Course, Temples, etc...
As value-added services to our customers, we provide full consultancy and design, full support capability from installation to network maintenance.

We always apply innovative and highly flexible solution that can be tailor to customers’ specific needs. This can be done through a methodological process which included surveying, consulting, evaluating, implementing, integrating and servicing. Our staffs are qualified and trained professionals with many years of experiences.
our commitment: Deliver the Best Value to Customers,

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